#TBT – Jeru The Damaja – Can’t Stop the Prophet (Pete Rock Remix)

This debut album was BANANAS. This was a DJ Premier gem and to really flex, he brought in Pete Rock to do a remix. This was an amazing era for producers in New York. Illmatic just dropped and some of it was recorded in the same D&D studios at the same time when Jeru was recording. I can just imagine the energy in this time and place. This album, the singles, and the remixes motivated the rare occasions where I bought FOUR of everything.

#TBT – A Tribe Called Quest – Jazz (We’ve Got)

I found out that Q-Tip stole this track about ten years ago in an interview with Pete Rock in Wax Poetic magazine.

Here’s the excerpt from the interview:

“You were involved with ATCQs Low End Theory…

I did “We Got the Jazz.”

What did you do on that?

The whole beat!

You didn’t get credit for it.

No. He shouted me out at the end and that was a big discrepancy for me. What happened was, Tip used to come over all the time. One time the “Jazz” beat was already playing in the drum machine. I went to answer the door and left the beat playing. He came downstairs like, “What the **** is that?” I even had the records I sampled still sitting there on the turntables because I’d just made the beat. [Lucky Thompson’s] Cook County Jail. He was like, “You making this for CL?” and I said I was just ****ing with it. But he knew what I used and took the same elements, and made it the exact same way. And then at the end of the record he says, “Pete Rock for the beat ya don’t stop.” I made that ****. That’s my ****. I’m taking all my credit back from n*ggas that stole from me.

You had the “Don’t Change Your Love” drums in there too?

The way you hear it on the Tribe album is the way I had it. I had a few other little guitar sounds or something going on in there, I wasn’t going to use them anyway, but I was going to use the beat. He came down there and heard it and never said, “Hey Pete, come in the studio and lay this down for us.” He didn’t tell me he was going to use it. Puffy did the same thing to me with “Juicy.” I did the original version, didn’t get credit for it. They came to my house, heard the beat going on the drum machine, it’s the same story. You come downstairs at my crib, you hear music. He heard that **** and the next thing you know it comes out. They had me do a remix, but I tell people, and I will fight it to the end, that I did the original version of that. I’m not mad at anybody, I just want the correct credit. **** that. Y’all can’t
just be robbing mu’****as. If you didn’t do the work, I’ma expose you. When you have an idea and someone just takes it, that’s kind of wack. You must not do much clever thinking. I mean, there ain’t much to it, just make the ****in’ track. A lot of people have gotten ideas from me, a lot of people have learned from me. And that’s all well and good, I love the fact that I can teach somebody. But there’s a lot of manipulators out there, they don’t do the hard work, and think they can just take somebody’s idea.”

Pete Rock has later admitted that he is no longer mad about it and that, at the least, he’s glad it became a classic.

#TBT – INI – Fakin Jax (Pete Rock Remix)

Pete Rock’s hometown group from Mount Vernon started out in the 90s but only released one single, this one. While their only album, Center of Attention, was recorded in 1995 it was released in 2003 off of Pete Rock’s compilation album Lost & Found: Hip Hop Underground Soul Classics.

This beat has the ambient sounds from his Petestrumental album and the beat sounds like the Sprite commercial that he did in the 90s.

#TBT – Ghostface Killah feat. Trife – Be Easy

Ghostface rarely lets me down. And Fishscale is one of my favorites that almost never leaves my iPhone because I never know when I’ll need this track…or “Back Like That.”

I had no clue Pete Rock did this track and that hits me even harder because while Pete Rock has his signature sound, he’s showing that he can still flip up his shit. The layered horns are def his steelo but the kick and snare is something unique.

This album is very diverse in the production styles and gives a chance for Ghostface to really flex his versatility.