#TBT – Artifacts – Wrong Side Of The Tracks

The last of today’s #TBT posts from New Jersey artists. Artifacts was right up my alley in the mid/late 90’s because I was out painting on walls and they spoke about it directly. Their beats were pretty amazing for the day and this was the single that I discovered them by. It’s a shame they didn’t stick around…

#TBT – Joe Budden – Pump It Up

This song doesn’t feel that old to me, but it’s now 12 years old. Damn! Joe Budden is Jersey to the core and this was the song that broke him into the mainstream. The dispute over the use of the beat that would follow certainly didn’t hurt him either. Jay said it was his, but it didn’t matter. Joe Budden did it way better.

Pump it Up

#TBT – Redman – Can’t Wait

We can’t really have a New Jersey theme for #TBT without posting some Redman. He’s always been gritty. He’s always been a weed smoker. He’s always had a hilarious side. “Can’t Wait” was one of two big singles from his second major release Dare Iz A Darkside. This was the album that really introduced Redman to most people.

The other way a lot of people seemed to learn about Redman is from his appearance on MTV Crib which is probably best watched HERE.

#TBT – Ice T – That’s How I’m Livin’

Everyone thinks of Ice T as that dude from Law and Order SVU or as the original “Original Gangster”. In rap he’s a west coast legend but he is from New Jersey and on this track he chose to shout it out and let the world know.

Today’s #TBT New Jersey theme needs “That’s How I’m Livin'”.

#TBT – Naughty By Nature – Uptown Anthem

Today it’s all about New Jersey with these throwback joints? Why? New York always got the shine but a lot of the best artists to come out are actually from NJ. Some repped it proudly and others hoped you didn’t notice at first.

Naughty by Nature definitely repped Jersey right from the beginning. Their first big album had OPP and that would be the obvious choice to play, but honestly, there were other songs on the self titled debut that had me steady rewinding the tape. This was the last track on the album and probably the one I played the most.

Here’s a bonus for you. Yoke The Joker.