#TBT – UGK – Pocket Full of Stones

I didn’t just chose this track off of the Menace II Society soundtrack because it was easier to spell UGK than MC Eiht’s track spellings.

What can I say about Menace II Society? Perfect movie, with the perfect cast (and Jada Pinkett), perfect timing, with a perfect soundtrack to support. This was an example of a well-packaged project from the bottom up.

#TBT – Notorious B.I.G. – Party and Bullshit

This video is crazy. Puff when he was still A&R at Uptown Records. Biggie when he rocked a bandana. Lil’ Kim looking like a human being.

The fourth single coming off of Who’s The Man? with hip-hop journalists/personalities Dr. Dre (non-Death Row) and Ed Lover. They used to host MTV Raps back when that was on, if you don’t know.

Who’s The Man? was one of the first films I saw that wasn’t a typical hood tale of hustlin’ crack or the like. In fact, it was a classic tale of overcoming struggles and making sacrifices all in the medium of humor and hip-hop. But it wasn’t funny/cheesy like the House Party films either – definitely one of a kind.

Oh and the soundtrack is dope from start to finish with a good mix of dancehall.

#TBT – Eminem – Lose Yourself

Aerial shots = $$$

And there’s a ton of it.

I hated on this film…until I saw it. Not the biggest Eminem fan, but he definitely gets my respect. With the exception of his newest album.

Extra points for packaging a compilation of classic hip-hop tracks that made it into the film during the battle scenes and keeping the OGs pockets lined with royalties.

If you haven’t seen this, you’ve been under a rock.

#TBT – 2 Live Crew – Hoochie Mama

Miami bass group on a movie soundtrack that takes place in Los Angeles?

The scene: Joi pulls up in the standard issue hood chick ride, 4 door civic, with long ass braids and nails, while cussing out CUTE ass Nia Long and Ice Cube. ["Hoochie Mama" plays in the background]

Yeah it works.

Bye Felicia.

#TBT – A Tribe Called Quest – Peace, Prosperity & Paper

A comedy, and a halfway response to the seriousness of Dangerous Minds (which I refuse to include), looked like a Wayans brother project but wasn’t. You couldn’t tell which city it was supposed to take place in. But with Tia Carrere in it, none of those details matter.

This Tribe single was hard to come by and even harder to find the instrumental…until J Dilla beats started surfacing after his passing.

As a DJ, I love that rhinestone cowboy scratching scene!

#TBT – Sunz of Man – Strange Eyes

I know mad people love Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai, which is why I get that the soundtrack was also well-received. I was never a fan of the film, but the soundtrack was dark and mysterious and was definitely done right. This was also the debut for RZA to do film scores and eventually he ended up putting out his own film.

#TBT – 50 Cent – Hustler’s Ambition

Taking a book out of 8 Mile, the Shady/Aftermath crew decided a loosely translated bio-pic of the new blood, 50 Cent, was worth telling and cashing in on.

But they broke even.

Here’s the lead single to this soundtrack.

Also, Rest in Paradise Chris Lighty, who helped produce this among many other historical influences in the game.